Data sheet plastic tubes


Plastic tubes

All things that aid health and beauty belong in plastic tubes.
And we make them.

Plastic makes an ideal casing for cosmetic,
pharmaceutical and many other products.

A large selection of decorative options exist for our co-extruded tubes:
various printing processes (including screen printing), labelling and embossing.

The range of possibilities is further extended by the use of coloured or highly transparent plastics. Benefit from our experience!


Sustainably beautiful: tubes made of PCR material

Concessions because of using recycled materials? Not with LINHARDT PCR tubes. The „post-consumer recycled“ material takes on any other HDPE.

The HDPE for our PCR tubes is produced exclusively out of recycled milk bottles and is therefore of constant quality. While processing, we add a small amount of LLDPE. This makes the recycled material more pliable and ensures perfect packaging – as one-layer tube with PCR contact to the bulk or as two-layer tube without.

The compelling advantages of PCR tubes:

  • You and the consumer do something good for the environment.
  • Use of EVOH barrier layer without any restrictions
  • Perfectly decorated, even in HD Print

Photorealistic printing – even on small tubes

Small but enchantingly beautiful: LINHARDT HD-print technique is also available on small tubes. The in-house developed, high resolution method is based on the principle of waterless printing and enables decorations in a brilliant and photorealistic quality.

New hot stamping foils in a wide range of colors

Magnificent colors win at the „Point of Sale“. LINHARDT plastic tubes with new hot stamping foils will catch your eye on the shelf. The highlight: You can order our special stamping foils from a lot size of 35.000 to 100.000 pieces depending on the embossed image.