Datenblatt Multiflex Tuben

Multiflex tubes


LINHARDT’s Multiflex tube demonstrates what the next generation of composite-material packaging can do: The wall of the Multiflex tube is not overlapped and welded as in the past, but rather joined edge-to-edge. An extra-thin tape seals the butted joint, making it practically invisible.

The advantages:


  • 360 degrees printing in photographic print quality
  • Variable reset force and shape stability
  • Asymmetrical layering (e.g. combination of high-gloss decorative films with functional films inside the tube)
  • Functional films that interact directly with the product (e.g. antibacterial, oxygen-consuming)
  • Clearly definable barrier properties







Some highlights of the Multiflex tubes family:

Paperflex Tube

• With standard films, you can reach the market
quickly; Or more individualised, a film can
be created entirely according to your wishes
and specifications
• Up to 50% paper content, natural look
• The inner layer is food-grade compliant
• The PET intermediate layer gives it a strong,
pleasing and therefore high-quality feel




• Metalized surfaces for a unique decor
• Excellent memory effect


• Best emptying of residues
• Material savings of 30% and more
• Soft and sleek