We are very pleased to be able to inform you that we are greatly expanding our production capacity in the area of multilayer tubes. With a new production system for Multiflex and Laminate tubes, we are increasing our capacity in this product segment by approximately 30 percent. Our new SAESA 100 H from AISA will be entering full operation from the beginning of March 2017 onwards. It is the third system of its kind at our Pausa plant in Saxony, Germany, which is LINHARDT’s centre of expertise for multilayer tubes.


Our investment was necessary due to the heavy use of the existing machines. This had resulted in extremely long delivery times, which also had a negative impact on our customers’ levels of satisfaction. We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in our company, and our new possibilities will enable us to respond to your requirements more easily in the new year.

This increase in our capacity has resulted in several benefits:
Greater flexibility and clearly reduced delivery times due to the simultaneous fabrication of the key diameters on several lines
Greater production safety due to a back-up system.
Shorter equipping times due to diameter-based fabrication
Additional capacity for customer-specific developments and innovations
Stable levels of quality due to three identical production systems