LINHARDT has been confirmed as the main sponsor for the citizens’ festival 2020 in Viechtach!

LINHARDT is the main sponsor of the Viechtacher Bürgerfest 2020!

With the convincing statement “Viechtach and LINHARDT are one”, LINHARDT CEO Johannes Schick underlines the company’s roots in Viechtach and the region. It is, therefore, a matter of course to be the main sponsor of the “most beautiful festival of the year” in 2020.

Viechtachs 1st mayor Franz Wittmann with CEO Johannes Schick

In a friendly discussion with Viechtach’s 1st Mayor Franz Wittmann, Mr. Schick emphasised the importance of the citizens festival for both – the town and the LINHARDT company: “We are happy to be part of it again”, said Mr. Schick, “because the so-called “Bürgerfest” is also a celebration for our employees”. Last summer Mr. Schick already promised to be a partner at the city festival in the following year. In addition to sponsoring the event, the company will again be personally present at the festival: Visitors to the “Bürgerfest” can look forward to the LINHARDT stand with the popular “Naschtube” from 3-5 July. A LINHARDT tin or tube (96% recycled material) can be filled with sweets of your choice.

As in the previous year, the proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause in the region. In addition to this, there will again be vouchers which the LINHARDT company will give out to employees for a visit to the festival. Mr. Schick looks back fondly on the three days of the “Bürgerfest” last year, where a large company delegation was on the road together on Friday evening. For 2020, Mr. Schick is also looking forward being “side by side with the city of Viechtach”.