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Products to enjoy

LINHARDT maintains an unparalleled quality standard. This directly benefits our customers from the food industry as well. We have an HACCP management system in place (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Therefore it is possible for us to offer you products in many other areas.

This includes the tobacco area. A noble LINHARDT case for a noble cigar - a combination of unusual, often elaborately decorated packaging for a noble product. In addition: With cigar tubes, we can exploit our expertise in aluminum forming. Different cross-sections, many diameters - an enormous range of products.

LINHARDT also has a lot to offer in the office area. High performance down to the last line . Nobody knows the “marker” system as well as LINHARDT: shafts, protective varnishes, inks, writing tips. A seemingly simple product in which all components have to be coordinated with one another. You shouldn't settle for less.

You will find an overview of our full range under Products..