Digital print:

faster, better, cheaper.

Faster, better, cheaper (above all with smaller batch sizes). These are the advantages that LINHARDT’s digital printing brings you.

LINHARDT invested in digital print – a real innovation in the field of flexible packaging. With versatility in use and unsurpassed productivity, a wide variety of film materials are printed in the Pausa Multiflex Expertise Centre on an HP Indigo WS 6600.

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • Small batch sizes become cheaper (MOQ 10,000 per production in several print variants)
  • Fast and cost-effective sampling of the artwork on the original machine
  • Security of supply thanks to in-house production and short supply chain
  • Fast delivery

The web-fed printing machine displays its strengths particularly with complex patterns:

  • Brilliant, photo-realistic print quality
  • Screen rulings of up to 80 lines/cm and FM screens possible
  • Fine screen gradations printable
  • 98% of special colours simulatable
  • Standardised 4c printing (CMYK)
  • Proof corresponds to CMYK printing result
  • High flexibility
  • Low setup times
  • High sort variability
  • Fast reaction time to customer request, e.g. special, customised packaging for regional or limited editions
  • Low maculation – less waste




Mosaic: clothes make the man

Thousands of individual packagings from a handful of original designs – “Mosaic” makes it possible.

It is actually just a brilliant software feature – but the effect is astonishing: with “Smartstream Mosaic” from Hewlett-Packard, beer brand Bud light presented 200,000 unique, limited-edition cans – based on merely 31 different original designs.

The trend towards individualised packaging is continuing and “Smartstream Mosaic” is helping here. This software can easily personalise images, text and colours of a print order and vary the design practically without limit, thus achieving an optimal effect. Each copy can be designed uniquely – while maintaining the corporate design, of course. 100,000 tubes, for example – all from one family, but none is the same as the other… From the LINHARDT plant in Pausa.