Far-sighted approach to doing business

Sustainability, a pioneering spirit, and integrity are in the DNA of family business LINHARDT. For more than 70 years, our credo has been to reinvest as much as possible. This reinvestment is not just limited to the development of new packaging and to the equipment pool; it also includes society and the environment. We want to do more than just hand a healthy company on to the next generation; we want them to grow up in a world that is worth living in. This vision that extends beyond just tomorrow defines the philosophy of LINHARDT. When developing new products, the issues of recycling and environmental protection are considered right from the start. In a few years, LINHARDT plans to make its production entirely CO2-neutral. Instead of turning its back on Germany, LINHARDT embraces its responsibility to society: the company secures jobs and incomes and invests in training its staff and in the social environment at its facilities.


Systematic energy management reduces consumption

LINHARDT is striving to reduce the energy required in production by as much as possible, and to use renewable sources. Its energy management is ISO 50001 certified, which means that LINHARDT systematically identifies energy guzzlers, develops appropriate countermeasures and documents the results – so that it can save even more energy in the next stage of optimisation. An approach that is proving to be successful: over the past three years alone, the energy needed to produce each tube/can has decreased by around 5.5 per cent.

Combined heat and power systems increase energy efficiency

One of the biggest-scale individual measures is the installation of energy-efficient cogeneration plants at our facilities in Viechtach and Hambrücken. They use natural gas to produce most of the electricity we need, while at the same time converting the thermal energy produced in this process to heat the production facilities in winter and to cool them in summer.

Solar power, insulation and heat recovery

LINHARDT is planning to install a photovoltaic system with a rated capacity of 900 kilowatts in Hambrücken to enable it to cover its remaining energy requirements as CO2 -neutrally as possible. These measures are joined by a large number of other energy efficiency initiatives, such as insulating all production areas, upgrading the production systems with energyoptimised drives, and recovering heat from compressors, waste water and thermal air purification. LINHARDT has set itself an ambitious target: the company wants to eliminate all CO2-emissions in their entirety from its production by 2020.


Many roads lead to sustainable packaging

It is hard to imagine life without packaging these days. Which is why LINHARDT feels responsible for guiding packaging materials towards a sustainable future. The company adopts the widest range of approaches to reducing resource consumption and protecting the environment.

Plastic packaging

• Use of alternative fillers (e.g. chalk) to save fossil resources
• Use of plastics derived from renewable resources (e.g. sugar cane) rather than crude oil
• Use of recycled materials (PCR tube)
• Use of less plastic in all components (jacket, cap, fastening)

Multilayer packaging

• Use of less material (e.g. Lightflex)
• Use of renewable raw materials (e.g. paper)
• Improved recyclability

Aluminium packaging

• Thinner walls on aerosol cans
• Use of paints that are not harmful to health
• Powder coating

Many of these projects are still at the development stage, or LINHARDT is still looking for competent partners to establish these sustainable products in the marketplace. Others have already proven their worth in practice and are now being used successfully.

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LINHARDT is a member of society

LINHARDT sees itself as part of civil society and, as such, strives to foster social harmony, especially within the business itself and in the local surroundings of the company’s facilities.

Preventive healthcare

LINHARDT promotes the health and well-being of its employees at all three facilities in Germany. The company health management scheme includes preventive measures, such as back exercise classes, stress management and yoga courses. Ergonomically designed workstations that are suitable for the age of the occupant help our employees to minimise the strain that working places on their health.

Work–life balance

LINHARDT has put a whole host of measures in place to improve the balance between working, family life and leisure time. These range from flexible shift models and lifelong work-time accounts to options for working from home, right up to paying childcare and kindergarten fees. LINHARDT also takes some of the stress out of coping with everyday life for its employees. In Hambrücken, for example, a parcel, laundry and ironing service has been set up.

Social commitment

LINHARDT strives to foster harmony and contribute towards a healthy environment outside the company as well – by providing financial support to non-profit organisations at all sites. These include the Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), food programmes for the poor, and cultural events, such as the Kulturwald music festival.


‘Competition is fierce in the packaging market. As a business, we therefore need to find the right balance to ensure we can fund our initiatives to promote environmental and social sustainability without compromising our ability to compete. We are convinced that these investments make business sense as well. All of our products satisfy maximum standards of quality, reliability and safety in equal measure. For us, the environmental and social dimensions play an integral role in the quality of our products. Our customers also appreciate this. After all, the public domain is growing increasingly critical when it comes to production conditions. This trend is very favourable for our philosophy. ’
Franz Hacker
Managing Director