Code of Conduct for Suppliers

LINHARDT continues to stand in a long tradition of management oriented towards morality and values. Whereas in the early years it was, in particular, people in executive positions who embodied the values of the company internally and outwardly with a high degree of personal integrity, in the mid-90s the company formulated its corporate philosophy – a lived philosophy, a stock taking and evaluation of relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.

With the general intensification of the discussion about sustainability since the turn of the millennium, LINHARDT has seen its own company policy of solidity and stability in economic, social and environmental matters confirmed.

In 2010, after extensive analysis of our public image and self image, work began on the drawing up of values-oriented guidelines for internal and external relationships. After wide-ranging discussion, LINHARDT formulated the already existing, but rethought, standards of relations to employees, customers, suppliers and the regional environment. With these guidelines, we gave ourselves a codified constitution that is binding for every employee.

This Code of Conduct follows these initiatives – in a similar way to that in which bodies of laws are based on a constitution. It will not provide patent remedies for all conceivable situations in business life. Rather, it sets out non-negotiable minimum standards, which we adhere to in the management of the company just as we demand them from our employees and suppliers. The unshakeable basis of these minimum standards is adherence to all applicable laws.

Viechtach, 23.10.2019

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