Code of Conduct LINHARDT Group

We, the management of the LINHARDT Group, are convinced that compliance with ethical values is necessary for long-term economic success.

This includes fair dealings with one another and conduct within the framework of the specified standards in day-to-day business. We consider the success of our customers to be the key to achieving long-term and sustainable business success and steady growth, and consider that it goes without saying that the requirements of all interested groups should be met in the process.

As the management of the LINHARDT Group, we take our responsibility for a sustainable business strategy and its appropriate implementation very seriously. Integrity and compliance with the laws and ethical principles are a key element here to preserve the authenticity of our company.

This “LINHARDT – Code of Conduct” defines how we conduct our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. In combination with the “LINHARDT – Visions & Guidelines” and the “LINHARDT – Management Commitment”, standards and instructions which ensure respectful and dignified treatment of our employees, safe working conditions, and sustainable environmental practices are defined.

This Code of Conduct contains the following: 

  • How our management perceives their responsibility,
  • How we interact with our employees and colleagues,
  • What behaviour customers can expect from us,
  • How we interact with our suppliers, and
  • How we behave when dealing with communities and the environment.

Each manager and each individual employee is responsible for behaving in accordance with this Code of Conduct. Our managers act as role models because they exemplify the principles of conduct and endeavour to ensure that they are implemented in all situations.

Viechtach, 21.02.2019

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