Values are the decisive factor of culture – including the corporate culture within the LINHARDT Group. These are the values by which we live:

Professionalism – Sustainability – Respect – Reliability – Trust

After extensive research, debating and opinion making, we set these guidelines “in stone”. Many LINHARDT employees and managers were involved in the process, as were customers, suppliers and representatives of our social environment…

These are our guidelines…


Our customer is our partner, in an international field.

Die Kunden

  • We work in fairness and trust with our customers for the long term.
  • LINHARDT is a financially independent, future-oriented, family-run business.
  • Our goal is a global market presence. At the same time, we are a German company. This basis always will have high importance for us.
  • We strive for sustainability by continuously improving our process and product quality as well as our competitiveness.
  • We promptly develop innovations and solutions to problems with and for our customers.


People are the center of our activities. We are all LINHARDT.

Die Mitarbeiter

  • Our work together is marked by respect, trust and humanity.
  • We stand eye-to-eye – respectful and friendly. Our communication and managerial style are open and clear.
  • We promote and demand teamwork at all levels.

We think in terms of generations, not quarterly results.

  • As a family company, we offer greater security. For this, we ask in return a high degree of commitment and identification with the company.
  • Stable corporate development and social responsibility are more important than short-term profits.
  • We continually increase our product and process quality. This gives our employees opportunities for development based on a necessary willingness to learn and grow.


Our guidelines apply equally to the selection of our partners.

Die Lieferanten

  • We look for a trusting, long-term partnership with our partners. We are a strong, reliable and future-oriented company. We expect these qualities of our suppliers as well.
  • Quality, service and a fair pricing policy are the premises for our customers and for us. LINHARDT’s suppliers satisfy these demands as well, and support us on the continuous improvement of product and process quality.
  • We look for market-worthy, individual and innovative solutions to problems for supporting our strategic goals.
  • We take our social and ecological responsibility seriously and expect the same from our suppliers.

Regional environment

We recognize and honour our responsibility.

Regionales Umfeld

  • Our regional environment is our employees’ home. That is why LINHARDT assumes responsibility for sustainable development in the regions of its locations. This includes sparing use of resources and reduction of emissions to a minimum.
  • LINHARDT is a reliable, cooperative and open partner to the people in our region.
  • We ask our fellow citizens to understand our cause. We expect the greatest possible support from politicians and authorities in the realization of our efforts.