We package health.

Medicine protects, heals and gives hope. When it comes to health, only the best is good enough. That applies just as much to the packaging. It is the interface between the medication and the patient. Take a look through our picture gallery to find example products for the dermatological, ophthalmic and haemorrhoidal preparation, animal health, and OTC product segments.

We have worked with partners from the pharmaceutical industry for decades. We understand the challenges and aims of the branch and carry our share of the responsibility.

LINHARDT is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical aluminium tubes, for good reason:

  • Careful production processes in an ISO class 8 clean room
  • DIN 9001 and DIN 15378
  • Efficient CAQ (Computer Aided Quality System)
  • High performance in-house R&D
  • High delivery reliability given by five locations
  • Experienced, continually trained employees
  • Global presence

Our packaging systems are as diverse as modern medicines themselves: aluminium, plastic and laminated collapsible tubes, cans, rigid tubes, applicator pens and aerosol cans. Sensitive medicaments remain protected on their journey to where they are needed – wherever in the world that may be.

You set yourself high standards. You can set the same standards for us.
We want to help your products to help people.

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