Cosmetics & Consumer Goods

We encase beauty.

Cosmetics promise beauty – and the packaging must carry this message with credibility. Here are a few examples of our wide product range. Be inspired by the many different possibilities.

Often, a product only becomes usable with an innovative capping system and mode of application. Cosmetics make beauty even more beautiful as they care for and protect the skin. It may sound simple, but it is demanding: Tubes made of plastic and aluminium, containers, rigid tubes, applicator pens and aerosol cans ensure the cosmetics are well protected, hygienic and long-lasting when they reach the customer.

  • High quality finishes (e.g. embossed films, labels, screen printing and coating effects)
  • Pre-press and printing plate are made in-house
  • Up to 13 colours can be printed at once
  • Computer-to-plate system

Our cosmetic packaging can be a firm basis for your marketing and product strategies. We make sure your customers recognize your products and what they offer at first glance.

You will find an overview of our full range under Products.

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